I3 560

Is the stock cooler adequate and is it noisy? Looking to get an i3 560 after a fail Phenom II build that was basically a jet engine and radiator with a stock cooler.

Any help much appreciated.
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  1. Intel coolers are generally quieter then AMDs. AMD uses fans that can spin upto 10,000 RPMs which can get very loud when it gets warm. Why not just get an aftermarket cooler for the Phenom II not sure why you would consider changing CPUs just because the fan is noisy.
  2. Its not switching CPU's only. I am wanting to have a go at Hackintosh. I've been an AMD user since AMD 4200+ but the 955 has left a bad taste in my mouth. I might just give away the 955 rig to my brother or sell it.
  3. Forgot to mention, I did get a Coolermaster TX-3 cooler but even then the PII 955BE is so hot on load and even gets hot while watching youtube videos. Ridiculous.
  4. The problem is the TX 3 is crap and most likely was not set right. I have A phenom II rig at my aunts house I built for her with a Hyper 212 cooler on it and it never gets above 55C. Also your case cooling might not be setup right because the Phenom II is not really that hot of a chip.
  5. Thanks Psycho thats reassuring. I might just wait for the SB i3 2100... it looks mouthwatering compared to the i3 560. But I hope the prices won't be too steep.
  6. I need to consider the budget too. I am not too much into overclocking and I believe the prices for i5 will not be in my current build budget.
  7. Current budget 380. I already have the graphics card.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. However the ASRock p55 here on the other side of the pond cost what is essentially $160 .... in other words 100GBP which is ridiculous. Perhaps I should just wait for the SB i3 2100
  9. What are the prices like for SB i3 on that side of the pond? Probably considerably cheaper especially since we get taxed to kingdom come.
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