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What is the least expensive motherboard that will allow max overclock

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  1. Are you using air cooling? You know that it can be your CPU that is limiting the overclock?
    But to answer your question: The cheapest.
  2. are you saying those are all good boards?

    how to tell if i have a good cpu for overclocking?
  3. You tell by overclocking it! Those are all good boards but the more power phases they have the more likely they will overclock higher.
    4.5GHz stable on air is not bad (we still do not know what cooler you are using)
  4. thanks for the info

    everybody has been bad mouthing my hyper 212 plus so i don't post it
    I really cant see what is so bad about 2 120 mm fans which also happen to line up exactly with my 120mm case fan so air shoots straight through all three of them.

    if my chip is at 62C under full load at 4.7ghz
    what do i need any better cooling for?
    also I can't take anything bigger as my case won't close.
    am i going to get higher overclock if the chip is at 40C instead?
  5. It is a great cooler for the price and I keep recommending it.
  6. I guess some people think its too commercial or popular and need to knock it down.
  7. alohascott said:
    I guess some people think its too commercial or popular and need to knock it down.

    I will not put that past some of our members! LOL!
  8. Best answer
    You won't expect more than about 200mhz, is that really worth $150 for a better OCing board? You'd be better off buying a i7-2600k. If you still do want a better board, asus usually gets higher clocks then any other company.,2939-17.html,2980-17.html

    But the cheapest would have to be the asrock extreme3 ($125), has the same 12 phase as the extreme4. The asus z68-v ($180) also has the same 16 phase as the pro.

    The 212+ is a great cooler but at normal room temp ~70F, it can't support a OC much higher than around 4.8 hitting 80C, it's just not enough cooling. At 62C, your room must be freezing and/or your not running prime long enough.
  9. well my case is open
    cause i am always adding and removing drives so its not hot in there.
    I like AC but its not cold in here.
    I find it hard to believe that 4.8 is going to make that much difference from 4.6 4.5

    I am buying a board no matter what. it just depends on if its for another computer and i get a cheap one or this computer.
    and I am very stable at 4.5 so you saying I can't hit 5.2 stable with the asrock board?
  10. For 4.50GHz or higher and Cheap:
    ASUS P8P67 PRO (REV 3.1) $160 -

    ASUS P8P67 PRO (REV 3.0)
    ASUS P8Z68-V PRO

    Good vCore to OC list of MORE then (1) trial/test; note the 2nd spreadsheet and determine for yourself. Cherry Picking aside, you need to look at averages and know ahead of time the 'luck' of your CPU is the true variable -
  11. Remember every cpu is different and will have a different OC limit, the other components can only help so much. Just look at those links, 100 mhz from the biostar to the asrock, comparable to your cpu/voltage.

    The only people getting to 5ghz+ have a much better cooler and are very lucky, it's like 5% I think. Others getting that high set their vcore pretty high and risk faster cpu degradation.
  12. can I check my chip potential by lowering vcore? and seeing how low i can go an still stay stable it 4.5?
  13. wait
    no one on that list hit 5.2
  14. 45 of them are over 1.4 v
    almost all are running 1600 ram or better
  15. alohascott said:
    no one on that list hit 5.2

    5.2GHz and really vCores > 1.40v~1.43v require water cooling or your HSF would sound like a lawn mower running in the case. Even water cooling has it's Thermal Limits and vCore's >1.50v is close to the limits of water regardless of the radiator cooling capacity; it thermally cannot cool the CPU. Next you're looking a 'sub-ambient' temps to cool the CPU; I've seen Ice Buckets, refrigeration, and LN2.

    If you're wanting 5GHz+ then you wouldn't be worrying about the cost of the MOBO ;)
  16. alohascott said:
    45 of them are over 1.4 v
    almost all are running 1600 ram or better

    And every one of them has a high end air cooler or water. 1600 is only a couple dollars more than 1333, $5 most of the time.

    You are not a lucky winner, your cpu is pretty much in the middle, average OC. A proper OC is the lowest stable vcore at the highest clock. You are a new OCer having trouble with the basics and you need to understand that OC is as much of a hobby as any other activity as real world performance doesn't negate the huge cost for cooling/components. It's much more efficient, cost and power wise, to build multiple pcs or servers. Mild OCs are good and I would encourage everyone to do so but the time/money/effort to get a couple more mhz for the elusive 5ghz is a waste and is just for bragging rights.

    As jaq said, if you want 5ghz+, you wouldn't worry about the cost of the mobo but I'll also add, you wouldn't worry about the cost of any component. OC is an expensive hobby.
  17. sure
    i see
    thought more people were getting over 5
  18. alohascott said:
    I guess some people think its too commercial or popular and need to knock it down.

    It's great cooler .... for its price ..... However it's certainly no match for the likes of the Megahalems, V6 GT, Venemous X, its big brother Hyper 612m Scythe Mugen 2/3 , Thermalright Frio / Silver Arrow etc.nnLets look at the referenced above overclocking site and we see abou ta 10C difference between the Silver Arrow and the 212+ and the 212 has lower voltages and OC:

    4900.3mhz 1.336v 12hrs 58-60-63-59 AIR - Silver Arrow 2500k 8GB 1600mhz
    4802.1mhz 1.312v 14hrs 67-72-72-69 AIR - 212+ 2500k 8GB 1600mhz

    When the user can afford .....

    $30 ...... I'll recommend the Hyper 212
    $50 ...... I'll recommend the Scythe
    $80 ...... I'll recommend the Silver Arrow

    If we ever actually see the Hyper 612 on the shelves (reviewed back in July), it could be a game changer.

    Prolimatech Super Mega 67.2 +4.9
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 65.9 +3.6
    Corsair H70 (high)* 65.3 +3.0
    Thermaltake Frio OCK* 65.2 +2.9
    Thermalright Venomous X 63.0 +0.7
    Cooler Master Hyper 612 PWM 62.3 +0.0
    Thermalright Silver Arrow* 61.8 -0.5
    Cooler Master V6 GT* 61.2 -1.1
  19. One mobo not on the list supposed to go on sale Monday
  20. JackNaylorPE said:
    4900.3mhz 1.336v 12hrs 58-60-63-59 AIR - Silver Arrow 2500k 8GB 1600mhz
    4802.1mhz 1.312v 14hrs 67-72-72-69 AIR - 212+ 2500k 8GB 1600mhz

    Damn good vCores!!! Lucky X2 CPU and MOBO.

    Those temps would never happen with 1.40v~1.43v and higher vCore.
  21. tru
    but i wonder if those users with 212 were using a single fan or two fan setup.
    It comes with single fan so i would bet that is the case.
  22. its hard to find power phase info.
    do you have any idea which of those boards in the lower price range have more power phases?
  23. A 212+ with 2 fans is only about 2C cooler than a single fan. You can find phases on the manufacturer's site. There has only been 4 different mobos suggested to you, pick whichever one fits your budget.
  24. I got the asrock extreme3
    I might have time to try OC it this weekend
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