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Need upgrade suggestions for Music Recording Computer

Hey everyone.

I think its about time to upgrade a few main components of my computer (mobo, cpu, ram) for my recording rig (Cubase 5). I am currently running it on windows xp 32bit, but i might put it on my 64-bit win 7 for this build if my software plugins are more stable on the 64-bit platform. Anyways, I'm trying to keep it between $400-550 for the upgraded components. I'd be willing to go higher if necessary.

I've done a bunch of searching about amd vs. intel on this subject but I haven't found any info that was related to recording and producing music - just file encoding. So any input would be absolutely wonderful! Thanks for your help in advance!

Current Rig:

4gb ram (wintec)
GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel E8500
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  1. Anyone? Some advice is better than no advice!
  2. ^ Is your current setup not working fast enough ? Could you wait till Jan ? Intel is going to launch their new CPUs by Jan 1st week, so it would spice up the CPU market a bit...
  3. Its not that my setup isn't fast enough, its that my work would be more efficient if I upgraded my components. I could wait until Jan 1st! Are the new cpus worth the wait, or will it just bring the current prices down?
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    More importantly, you need to figure out what Cubase 5 can actually use.

    -Is it 64bit? If not you won't see any advantages using w7 etc, apart from general stability etc.

    -Does Cubase use multiple cpu cores? If so, the more cores the better. If not, any highly clocked dual core is fine.

    -Have you checked your ram usage? Do you actually need more?

    Problem is we know very little about your software so can't really say what hardware you will need.

    If you are smart enough to pay for the software you can always contact them and ask what works best.
  5. I have a legal copy of Cubase 5. It does take advantage of multiple cores and it is comes as 32 or 64bit (I have both). I do use an incredible amount of ram because all the plugins run in realtime (I have sometimes as many as 35 plugins going at the same time) not to mention the wav files are large as well (especially when you have 20+ on the screen at the same time). I usually use about 1.5-2.5gb of ram when its running.

    I want to believe that multiple cores (4 or 6) would be more beneficial than my dual core cpu, but I feel the 4 or 6 would be complete overkill, but then again I might just be naive...
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  7. I run Cubase 5.5 64 bit on windows 7. Not sure what is meant by a legal copy. It won't run without a dongle.
    The processor is an Intel Q8300 with 4gb ram. VST's are RAM hogs. Steinberg, who makes Cubase, has a list of compatible processors on their website. These include the AMD Phenom's and the Intel I3, 5, & 7 series. There is an issue with hyperthreading at this point and they advise switching it off.
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