ATI 5870 Performance Problem

I've a problem with my 5870.
The system i have;
Intel core i7 860
ASUS P7P55D Deluxe mainboard
Patriot 4GB 2000MHz ram
Thermaltake toughpower 750Watt PSU
Samsung 2494 HS
Windows 7 Ult. 64bit

On 3D Mark Vantage in performance mode i got only 10k points with this system.
I don't have any cooling problems.
I tried with ATI CCC 10.4 and 10.9, but the results didn't change.

Here's a screenshot of 3D Mark vantage, CPU Z, HW Monitor and GPU Z
With this program i got 560 points,

I think the 3D Mark Vantage score must be over 17k with this card.
How can i solve this problem?
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  1. In Crysis, with Ati ccc 10.9, i got about 30 FPS Maximum advanced graphic settings but no AA, 1920*1080 res.

    I've also FPS problems with Borderlands, but freakishly it was after joining a co-op game.
    The problem is also weird because not only a FPS problem.
    In the same time items had pink outlines on inventory screen.
  2. One of my friends got same FPS in Crysis with same settings (very high advanced settings, no AA, 1920*1080 res.) but he has AMD 955 be, 4GB ram, ATI 5850... What about that?

    And the benchmark score? Isn't there a problem?

    And now compare these screenshots

    I got 62 FPS before the problem... After this annoying pink outlines, i got only 8 FPS.
    You say it's normal?
  3. But this isn't de max. fps, this is average.
    I see 16 FPS when fighting.

    In Crysis the cpu not really important, because Crysis uses the gpu mostly. Maybe 2 FPS changes, not much...
    I wanna got 30-35 avg FPS.

    I say i have performance problems and i put the screenshots, and you say "in crysis its normal" what about the others?
    There's a problem, but my knowledge to solve this isn't enough. But you guys know lots of things about hardwares an their performances.
  4. I think i'm not clear.

    I don't have any power or cooling problems.

    I have performance problems with my graphics card.

    I added the benchmark results to the first post.

    The normal score in 3D Mark Vantage with HD5870 is about 18k.

    But i got only 10k as you see.

    I also have some performance problems in Crysis and Borderlands.

    In Crysis, FPS always low, but in Borderlands it is different, i had the performance problem after joining a multiplayer game. Before that there wasn't any problem with Borderlands. I got weird pink outlines when FPS is low. Before this problem there wasn't any pink outlines.

    Now, is it clear enough?
    I explained same things again and again. Please don't ask same things again.
    I need different advice, ive already considered what you said dipankar.
    Should i have to go for warranty? Is it necessary?
  5. No, i use default settings.
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