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I have a Hard drive and a basic computer set up 2 gig ddr2 ram, 3ghz CPU, 6600 nvidia graphics card, but the hard drive is from another computer. what do i do, how do i get it to work. do i need drivers on the new hard drive? i can get it to load so far and then it blue screens for a half a second and crashes. please give advise
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    You are going to need to reinstall windows on it, some versions may work with a repair but a full reinstall is the only safe bet.
  2. Is there anyway that i can boot from this harddrive without re-installing?
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  4. Not to the operating system installed on that disk no, it doesnt have the drivers necessary to talk to the motherboard. If you need to get some data off that hard drive before you reformat it you can try using a linux live cd.
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