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In order to crossfire two 5850's, do i need to have the exact same card? Or can i mix them up? Really need help on this one guys. Thanks in advance.
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  1. It can be from different vendors.
  2. It can be a different card no problem! The setup will default to the settings of the slower card.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys...sorry but may i ask one more question?

    Will it be viable to do such a thing or just get a 5870?
  4. Upgrading from a HD5850 to HD5870 is very small, two HD5850 in crossfire would be a big upgrade.
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    You can OC a 5850 to reach 5870 speeds so going from a 5850 to 5870 won't give you a noticeable boost in performance;however adding another 5850 will give you a good performance boost(you'll get the performance of a 5970)
  6. Cool thanks a whole bunch..will go for xfired 5850's..
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  8. No prob :) Hope you enjoy it.
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