How to make visible a password protected HDD in My Computer explorer, connected

My laptop internal HDD is password protected. But due to motherboard problem I have replaced a new motherboard, after that I can't access my HDD even typing correct password. So I have try to connect that HDD to another system externally through usb port, but it can't be visible due to password protected. Now I want to format or recovery my data from that HDD. So need help to solve this problem..
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  1. We can't help you bypass security or crack passwords. Your best option is to put in the correct password.
  2. If the motherboard replacement was done at a shop, or by the manufacturer, see if they can help you. It depends on the kind of protection in use and, in some cases, on whether the OS was re-installed.
    As ss202sl posted, we can't help with this.
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