Need help diagnosing SLI issue

I have 2 x GTX 280s in SLI.
Booth cards where running very hot in o load (49 c) and on load 98% load (75c) when in SLI

Just lattley I have been getting BSOD on boot up.

I have narrowed it down to my SLI Bridge but I want to know your opinion.

I have doem the following:

Remove second card (b) from MOBO:
1. Reboot with card (a) in slot 1 with no issues.
2. Moved card (a) to slot 2 and reboot no issues. 0 load (47c) 98% load (65c)

Reomove first card (a) from MOBO
1. Reboot with card (b) in slot 1 with no issues. 0 load (47c) 98% load (65c)
2. Moved card (b) to slot 2 and reboot no issues.

So the individual cards work fine.
Card slots 1 & 2 work well.

The only thinig that I can think the issue is the SLI Bridge.

What are your thoughts on my diagoses and do you think it could be another issue causing the problem?

If it is the SLI bridge where can I buy a reliable one?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. You can Ask Asus tech support to send you one. I've heard of users being able to ask them since they supply the one that came with your motherboard.

    If not, you can find one on eBay.
  2. Hboy,

    Thanks for the reply.
    Now that I think of it I did receive a new SLI Bridge from ASUS in April of 2009 when I had an issue.
    I just left them a email as you suggested. Lets see what they say and do.

    Do you think it is a SLI Bridge issue?
  3. It maybe caused because of the SLI bridge but i doubt it, however check with a new bridge and see if you still get BSODs.
    What are your other system specs and what OS are you using ?
  4. Maziar look at my sig

    Thanks for the reply.
    I hope to get a new bridge from ASUS soon.
    I had one go bad in the past.
  5. oops sorry i missed it first.
    Well it could have been caused because of instability or a defective PSU,so try revert back your OC and test with stock speeds.
  6. Well eveything seems to work fine now with two cards and the SLI adjustments now show up in the Nvidia Contal Panel and this is while not using the SLI bridge.

    As soon as I use the SLI bridge it fails.
    I am now waiting on ASUS to send me a new SLI Bridge.
  7. 75c under load is not considered as running hot by the way, 90 - 100c yes 75c no.
  8. Asus got back with me and they said they dont have any extra SLI Bridges laying around.

    I just bouth on on ebay for 5.99 delivered.....
  9. I installed the new SLI Bridge and that fixed the issue.

    Best Answer me!!!!!!!!
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