Will a GeForce 9800 GT Card work on this machine?

Will a BFG GeForce 9800 GT PCI-E Graphics Card be able to run on this machine (a Dell Inspiron 530 set up)

DxDiag posted here. http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/NB7

Thanks for any help guys, the result of this thread will determine if I buy it or not.
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  1. I'm not sure but try open the side panel of the case and see if it has a PCIe slot( a long, usually black slot below the CPU).If it has then it can run the 9800 GT.
  2. Yes, it does. Thanks for the help, I'll go buy it soon as I can.
  3. Make sure the power supply has a 6 pin PCIe connector.If it doesn't, the 9800 GT would not work.In that case, get a GT 240 or HD 5670.
  4. ct1615 said:
    it will work but you would need to use the power adapter that comes with the card or get one like this

    I ran a 9800GT off the same PSU

    Despite being able to do it myself, I'd rather have experts install it. I'll take it round to my local PC store (PC World) and have them set it up for me as I'm rather unsure when it comes to the internals of the hardware (such as power adapters). Thanks for your help.
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