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I'm having some difficulty figuring out which memory to buy for the ASUS M4A88T-M. Tried to match part #'s from both the manual and the memory qualified vendors list (QVL) with Newegg, but found either no result or deactivated items. Also tried Newegg's Memory Finder Tool, but found alot of those items didn't appear in the QVL. What's up with that?

I'm upgrading the mobo, cpu, and memory for my build since my old mobo died on me. This is for a very tight budget and my primary uses are moderate gaming, web surfing, videos, and music. I have a 1680x1050 22" widescreen LCD monitor.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm looking at either a 2GB or a 4GB DIMM and DDR3 1333. My budget is under $25, give or take a couple of bucks. Appreciate any advice you can offer.
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    The mobo venders QVL list is just a SAMPLING of RAM they qualified on the specific mobo to give users some known good RAM choices. These QVL lists rarely get updated so you are better off using the RAM vendors online RAM selector.

    You will find that most - but not all DDR3 RAM is now being listed as suitable for Phenom II or Intel specific model CPUs. Asus mobos seem to be rather RAM senstive compared to other brands but any Phenom II approved RAM KIT should work with your mobo. Do not buy individual DIMMs of the same part number as they are NOT guaranteed to work together. Buy one RAM KIT of the quantity you desire. Most RAM vendors will confirm via e-mail from their website Tech Support any particular part number listed on Newegg or elsewhere. Make sure you use the vendor's part number for inquires not Neweggs or other companies. Most of the RAM vendors also have RAM selectors on their websites to help you.

    Any of the name brand RAM approved for the Phenom II CPUs should work. I would not recommend the expensive RAM with top mounted heatsinks as these are not needed with DDR3 RAM and can cause HSF clearance issues.
  2. Thanks, beenthere! That's just what I needed to know. BTW, I have an Athlon II x3 450 cpu. I assume that what you said about most DDR3 RAM being suitable is true for that, too? Anyways, I'll consult with the manufacturers' websites to check. Thanks!
  3. One more question: You said that individual DIMMs of the same part # aren't guaranteed to work together. What if I decide to get a 2GB DIMM for now and then add another later? Will it be possible to get them to work in Dual Channel or just Single Channel?
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