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hi guys and girls. :) i think i have a problem with dx11 on my pc. first of all i have the asus gtx 470, and as a bundled app i got nvidia supersonic sled demo with it. i have installed the demo and when i start it it says d3d11.dll is missing or can not be found so the game won't open. then i installed unigine heaven benchmark 2.0 when i start that too and set it to directX 11 benchmarking it says exactly the same. can it be that dx11 is not supported on windows vista. and if it is, where can i download directX 11? i think that d3d11.dll is basicly dx11. or not?
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  1. d3d11.dll clearly comes from the family of DirectX 11 so vista has DirectX 10.

    Update to DirectX 11 and vista supports Dx11.

    you need to have windows vista sp2 to perform the above update

    Thank You
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