ATI vs Nvidia

Ok so this is a long debated question

Which is better ATI or Nvidia?
I'm talking about the best performance for the money, you could have a quad sli or 4-way CF and have performance beyond measuring
But for most people price is a problem.

Basically, for mid-high range cards like the GTX 460 and GTS 450 vs ATI 5770 and ATI 5750 which offers better value?

Also, does an AMD processor paired with ATI card yield better performance?
Does an intel i7 paired with and ATI card have disadvantages?
ATI cards use less power, and generate less heat, do they have hindered performance?
Does ATI do a good job with releasing drivers? I heard Nvidia does better

These are just some questions for this post

Here is a very useful chart for this question:,2732-7.html
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  1. GTX 460 > HD 5770 > GTS 450 > HD 5750.
    For resolutions like 1680x1050 a 5770 suffices,whereas for higher resolutions,GTX 460 is worth the extra cash.
    And both AMD/Intel CPUs will work fine with an ATI VGA,the performance depends on the models(not the brands).
    As for power consumption,well most HD 5xxx series have significantly lower power consumption than GTX 4xx series,however the new GTX 460 has a good and low(compared to GTX 470/480) power consumption.
    Both AMD and Nvidia make good/bad drivers, so there isn't a winner in terms of drivers.
  2. For $100 to $150, I'd say the 5770 is the best. After that, the 460 768mb can be found for $160-200, and the 460 1gb for $200-230. Then the 5850 for $250ish, and the 470 after that for $280-300.
  3. Just curious
    does anyone have the windows experience index (WEI) for the 4 cards I listed? Just on the GPU subscore (i know theres 2) not on CPU or RAM or anything
    I know this depends on some of the other components
    Just trying to get an overall picture
  4. I think all of them should get around 6.5,(WEI isn't very important though)
  5. ct1615 said:
    you have the chart already so why are you asking the question? it seems you have the ability to dig out information....

    also how is the topic not closed, i can see a flame war coming a mile away

    That chart is to help. I'm also asking questions about the efficiency, compatibilty, etc. I can search that online but of course the fanboys are running those sites. I'm just trying to get opinions from different people

    Plus that chart gave names/models.....not performance
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