BIOS does not recognize SATA/IDE drives

Hey guys,

I have a new asus p5g41T-M LX board that I'm trying to install. On boot up it goes straight straight to the - 'reboot and select proper boot device'. ( 2 sata drives (hdd, cd) & 1 ide).

I've tried setting the boot priority to 1. hdd 2. cd restarting = fail, removed the cmos battery to try and default the board setting = fail. All drives are spinning so power is going to them. Any help would be great. thanks.

One thing to note it takes roughly 5 secs before the bios boots.
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  1. SATA controller enabled and drives show up in BIOS?
  2. only the IDE.
  3. If it is only the IDE drive that shows up in BIOS it is most likely that you will have to enable a controller, it is either called SATA or Raid controller.
  4. the only item i am seeing in regards to a raid/sata controller is the Storage Configuration under Main menu in Bios. Even with this though, changing this does not help.
  5. It is most likely under integrated peripherals or advanced options
  6. I appreciate the help rolli. Unfortunately there is no option for a SATA controller.
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    Yep downloaded your manual and controller is native, so it looks like the SATA ports are dead! (presuming that both sata cable and power are hooked up correctly)
  8. bummer :( i'll check back once i get a replacement. thanks
  9. thanks rolli. Replaced the mobo and all sata drives are up and running now.
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