Sandy Bridge reshippment? (+ Questions)

Didn't end up buying my i5 760 build yesterday because of a dumb personal reason.

However, I also noticed that the Sandy Bridge and revised Cougar point mobos are being shipped out on Monday (2/14) according to this link:,12184.html

Do you think I should buy a 1155 CPU and Mobo? Do you think there would be any other developing problems?


Based on old prices, the 1155 setup would fit right into my budget, replacing a i5 760 and an MSI P55-CD53.

Do you think the prices will be the same?

Edit: Misread it and it seems only OEMs will be receiving the new parts and a full stock isn't expected to mid March :(
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  1. If you can find a Sandy Bridge CPU and Cougar Point (H67/P67) mainboard available, go for it. The increased performance is definitely worth the hassle of having to switch the mainboard out when fixed boards arrive in a couple of months.
  2. The prices should remain the same since Intel is footing the bill for the mistake.

    As for problems, I doubt there will be any major problems that will mess anything up. Just the usual tiny bugs everything electronic has in it these days.
  3. I hope the prices remain the same!

    I think the benchmarks are almost too good to pass up, especially at the price. If the i5 760 was about $50 cheaper that would make me question it again.
  4. I'm very happy with my SB system. If you can live with your current system for a couple months... I'd say hold out.

    I expect the pricing to be comparable to pricing at launch. Intel typically introduces processors with pricing that replaces old processor price points. The existing targets haven't moved... and people say what the SB processors were priced at... so I would be very surprised if it changed.
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