I am trying to clone my hdd but it wont boot

I trying to upgrade my laptop hdd. the old drive is finr, a WD 230 gb, the new drive is a toshiba 1 tb. every time, no matter what program i use, i keep getting errors that won't allow me to clone the drive. I've used pcdisk clone x, norton ghost, and a few others. initially there were no partitions on the new drive, but after my first attempt there is now a 39 mb partition that i cant get rid of, its labeled as a mbr partition, several times i've completed the clone but then drive wont boot. Any ideas? PLease help.
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  1. when say it won't let you clone, whats it's doing, what does it say? Just saying it won't doesn't give us much details into what it's not doing.
  2. The 39 Mb partition is standard on Dells, it contains the diagnostic software that you can initialize on startup. But you can remove it by using the "Free EaseUS® Partition Master 9.2.1 Home Edition".

    After that you can use the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software from WD company to clone the whole HDD. http://support.wdc.com/product/downloaddetail.asp?swid=119&wdc_lang=en

    I did this on Dell PC before.
  3. Ok so stats are:
    dell studio 1537
    4 gb memory
    230 GB WD sata HDD
    2.3 Ghz intel dual core

    on first attempt to clone it appeared to clone but would not boot, had the blinking _ in the top corner.
    on subsequent arrempts, i kept getting various drive errors, pc disk clone x kept saying drive wasnt empty, and norton just gave me drive errors, nothing specific, or at least that i can remember. I consulted a local repair guy for advice but he wasnt too optimistic on cloning, said i might have to just do a fresh install. Any other info you guys might need just ask, i'd rather not waste time doing a fresh install if i can clone.

    going to attempt what cin19 suggests right now.
  4. OK, used easeus to remove all partitions and then used the wipe utility to wipe everything off the drive.
    left the drive as unallocated.
    then i used nortons ghost to clone and get the error
    -error ec8f17b3: cannot complete copying of os (c:\) drive.
    --cannot copy source to drive destination location.
    ---at end of something.
    ---cannot copy source drive to destination location.
    ----at end of something.

    am i missing something?

    one more thing, its a 1 tb drive but all the utilities i've uded say its only 936 gb. why's that?
  5. 936 is probably the formatted capacity. Drives never equal exactly what they are.

    I just cloned by drive a little while ago using the Easeus Backup free version and had no issues.
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