PSU squealing! Help!

My is squealing a very high pitched noise. Started a few days ago and hasn't stopped. It's a Antec Quattro 850w, and is only about 4 months old. What's wrong?

And one possible solution..... I have two slots on the back of the psu. Both 12volts and 25 amps. Each of those two, I guess there called rails, are connected straight from the psu into the two power connectors for my Graphics card (ATI 5870). Thats ok right? Should be
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  1. yes those connectors are fine, ive found good reviews of this ps, so i cant tell u whats causing the squealing, with certain power supplys the decibel levels are higher than others, but for this specific model i havent herd that its a loud model, shur someone else could add to this
  2. Ya this is def not a normal squeal. Its been silent until about a wk ago
  3. good point
  4. Ok you kinda lost me there lol

    There's a pic of my psu. The main cable coming straight out is connected to only the Mobo and cpu

    Then the 3 other black spots are connected to the hdd, drisk drive, and fans.

    Then the 1st red one goes to the Graphics card only

    And the 2nd red on goes to the Graphics card only

    Should be good right?

    More pics and explanation of psu here
  6. The 1st connector as in the large one that's connected to my cpu and mobo?
  7. Ya, ya ok. Out of that all those strands on the "non-removable" strands, those are only being used right now for the cpu and mobo. So your saying use 2 of those seperate non removable strands and connect them to my 5870?
  8. it pretty simple , those 2 6pin connectors fit well in ur gpu, they dont really fit anywhere else, not that ive used them anywhere else if im not mistaken, so its not rocket science , thats my 2 cent
  9. Im just wondering why it should be those cables instead of the 2 red ones at the end
  10. i couldnt tell u honestly i just connect these 2 6 pin connectors : such as displayed in this page:

    usually these connectors are black, possibly other colours not shur, ud have to ask
  11. I think the problem is that I'm not correctly using those 4 rails. 4 rails seems like a stupid idea right moe lol. I'm thinking a might just get a one rail corsair. F*** antec lol.
  12. well the thing is , each rail delivers a certain wattage, so the 4 rails combined in ur 850 watter should deliver close to 850, if that, most powersupply dont advertise the real maximum wattage,
  13. honestly u have more than enought power to power ur gpu, unless ur powersupply is faulty, u can always rma it, or buy a new one, but if it works why change it :P
  14. Ya. I'm gonna try to flip some things around. If anything gets fried tho.... :(
  15. well if ur not comfortable playing in there, just dont, u might fry something if u dont know what ur doing, go to a licensed pc shop that u trust instead,
  16. what i meant is, the power is more distributed on 4 rails, but than again theres great reliable one rail or dual rail powersupplies, so ya, and good question from dadiggle
  17. I have 4 fans on my case. Including one very large one.
  18. i gotta agree with dadiggle dont force cables, if it doesnt fit dont try to make it fit,

    i give a thumbs up to dadiggle :)
  19. my mistake , sorry i was shur he had the quad rail model from antec, i was thinking of the quad-rail 850 quattro right here:

    such as in the picture
  20. yes, usually u must pay for more rails, which is not needed, some very good single rail powersupplies such as the hx650 corsair, does very good wattage and effiency , and is a single railed model :D
  21. Alright I've found the problem. Had nothing to do with how it was connected as I thought. My psu just went bad because antec uses cheap capacitors. Read reviews and all the bad reviews say the same thing, "psu started squelling". Def goin to stay away from Anted psu's from now on. Corsair psu is on the way. Thanks for answering my questions guys!
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