P8P67 Pro keeps dropping SATA connection

I've got a 500GB storage disk that keeps disappearing from the list in "My Computer". The strange thing is that it doesn't disappear immediately on booting windows, if idle it never disappears. It's not until I put some pressure on it (copying a few files etc) that it will disconnect within 30 sec. After a reboot it's there again.

Even more strange is that this does not happen to my main disk where I've got Windows installed (VelociRaptor 150GB).
I've tried different SATA ports (both the 3GB/s and 6GB/s) but the result is always the same.
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  1. Your board may have been one of the affected on the early chipset mess intel had with P67/H67 :



    And there were alot more articles back then, they were giving customers free replacements also, call ASUS support and they'll most likely send you a new one.

    IF it happens also on the SATA II ports ( supposedly unaffected by the chipset screw-up) then it may be the HDD itself that is failing, or maybe a combination of both, either way you should backup whats in that drive ASAP.
  2. Nope, it's both the SATA II and III ports. I did some more thorough testing, different SATA and power cables in case of loose cables etc - still the exact same result.

    The fact that this does not happen to my WD VelociRaptor on a SATA II port makes me think that it must be a problem with that disk. Still strange, I had no problems using it with my old motherboard. Also, this would then be the 2nd disk crashing on me this week, coincidence?
  3. Does the old mobo detect it fine?

    You could try updatiing the firmware if it's a seagate, I don't know of any other brands that can though.

    Also update your mobo BIOS to latest version.
  4. Try enabling the Hot Plug setting in UEFI on the port the HDD is connected to. If that does not help, are you using Intel IRST drivers or MS AHCI?

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