Ati hd 5770 compatible with my system??

hello i got a problem. i got a Asus AEH HD 5770 ati card. i played 2 monts good on this card. when i downloaded and installed the new drivers the 10.7 version then i get the problem. why? mi problem is when the windows xp logo appears and then is done with loading mi screen goes black and the fan of mi GPU is at 100%. its not a temp problem. mi system is: Techsolo 550 watt PSU. a intel core 2 Quad Q8400 no overclocking. 2 HDD at 500 GB . a Asus P5KPL-AM-IN-ROEM-SI motherboard. mi case is a antec nine hundred. and off course a asus EAH 5770 ati GPU card. can som one help me? sorry for my bad english
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  1. Boot into safe mode, restore your computer to a date/time before you installed the latest drivers. Reboot, and windows will restore your system. If you are happy with its performance, leave it alone. If you are not happy, uninstall the ATi driver and CCC; reboot, reinstall the latest ATi drivers and CC that worked on your system.
  2. i even formated my hdd and that did not help
  3. try re-seat your card or try your card in different machine, if the same thing happened then you might have a bad card...
  4. tryed in mi frends pc yesterday but have the same problem. but when i have no drivers then mi card works on high resolution no problems . when i instal the drivers and after the pc restarts then the problem comes.
  5. any one can help me??
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