How to get files off a hard drive that isnt in a computer

So I have an internal hard drive, but no computer with a tower to hook it up to to move the files onto an external hard drive. Is there something I can do to move these files onto my laptop, which is a MacBook Pro.
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  1. get a sata to usb adapter from newegg. this solves the issue quick and you will always have it if you need it again.
  2. You literally turn the internal HD into an external that you can use on any PC/MAC by getting the above mentioned sata to USB or a complete 'HD enclosure' which consists of the adapter plus a friendly HD casing.

    Ebay or Newegg would be the place to go. I guess you need to make sure your USB adapter is recognized by MacOSX as such. Not sure if all are.
  3. I just bought one of these yesterday actually. I went with this brand because some of the other reviewers complained of the units actually catching Fire?!! (Vantec brand). This one didn't seem to have any reviews like that.
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