Sony vaio vgc-la2 & nVidia GeForce Go 7400 GPU black screen

Hello, I need nVidia GeForce 7400 graphic chipset for Sony Vaio All-In-One desktop Motherboard VGC-LA2. Unless other graphic card or chipset can be used. Problem is power-on and screen goes-off. Press Monitor-on switch screen comes-on and in 5secs off again. After warm screen sometimes screen stays on for a while or longer. same repeat on/off.. According to sony web site seems nVidia GeForce 7400 graphich chipset problem so advise solution and cost for this.
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  1. Does the board have a PCIe slot?
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    Does the board have a PCIe slot?

    No idea as not hv info on opening the pc, would also help to replace hard drive if i hv info on opening pc.
  3. tech manual needed
  4. Push sleep button once and when the turn light green to red push sleep button anain
    that's all. Fixed it.
    Özgür Usta
  5. OK...I have the same computer, with a different problem, but maybe from the same cause.
    My computer it's doing like this: when I started in the morning, pushing the start on/off switch (the screen it's staying black all the time) after just 2 seconds I can hear one long beep and two shorts....then, Vaio logo, no nothing.
    I tried, of course F8, F2 and some other combination....
    As I read on the internet it's something wrong about the video card.
    Any idea please?
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