Nothing works... PSU Broken?

I have ordered a new motherboard, ram and CPU because my old motherboard died.
After installation it does nothing.

My old system only powered on for 1 second and died. I found a melted capacitor so figured that was it. It was a 6 year old system, so time for some upgrade.
I decided to keep my PSU, but order new items to support a new chip.

I have the following new items:
Intel i5 760
MSI P55-GD65
3 x Kingston HyperX Triple Channel 6GB, PC3-12800

My PSU says this on the side:
CoolerMaster ATX12V Real 450 Watt

I have installed it using a cable that will supply power to an 8-pin ATX connector from 2 x 4-pins molex.

When I press the on-switch literally NOTHING responds. Not a single fan starts moving.
When I press the on-button that is located directly on the motherboard, the associated LED lights up. That is the only sign that anything is happening.
I hear no beeps.
I have tried switching the dimms around. I have tried with only 1 dimm in the first slot.

I have disconnected everything else (cd drives and graphics card) besides the 2 power cables (8 and 24 pins).

Unfortunately I cant easily test another PSU, otherwise that would be my first thing to do.

I hooked up my PSU to an older computer of mine (AMD 2800 or something) and that works effortless.

Could this be caused by the lack of power of my PSU or does it seem my motherboard is fried?
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  1. I forgot to mention:
    I have tried out of the case on isolating material. Doesnt help.

    Everytime I clear BIOS by means of pressing the button on the back panel, I hear a hardly noticeable click when powering the system on.
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