Samsung 840 Pro or OCZ Vertex

I'm planning on upgrading my system, and I'll be getting an SSD to install my OS (Win 7) and Steam+games on, and I'll use my current HDD for general storage. I was wondering if you guys had any advice regarding which SSD to choose. I've been looking at the 840 Pro and the OCZ Vertex, but if you have other suggestions go right ahead. I'll mainly be using this machine for gaming.

Also, do you think that the 128GB version will be large enough for the OS and a few games? Thank you all.
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    Unless you're benchmarking or reading/writing a very large amount of data any current gen is going to be fine for your purpose. The Vertex 4 is a good performer and good value, but I wouldn't spend the extra for an 840 Pro vs. a standard 840 (which is also a good value). Its just not worth an extra $40.

    I've got an ADATA XPS XS 900 256GB and I know there is no perceptible speed difference in normal use vs. a Samsung 840 Pro (and I saved $50).
  2. Vertex what? 2? 3? 4? 38? But as said above, you won't notice the difference. Samsung wants you to think you will, but you won't.

    128GB is good for the OS and some apps.
  3. Yes, 128 GB will hold the OS, some regular programs, and at least a handful of games.

    And for gaming, I tend to agree with jeffredo. The cheaper SSDs are slower, but you'll never notice it in practice.
  4. Samsung 840 Pro is the best SSD i have ever purchased.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the quick responses guys.
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