CM Hyper 212+ and CM HAF 912

I have a 200m for top exhaust, 200m for front intake, stock for rear exhaust and the 140mm for side intake.

Should I have the HSF exhaust out the back default fan or up towards the new 200mm exhaust? The HSF only has one fan on it.

Also, should I replace the stock rear fan with something that has more flow?
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  1. It will make no difference if it blows towards the top or towards the back fan.
  2. ^+1
    Fans are fine as is.
  3. Sounds like a good combo to me!
  4. If anything, add a second fan to the 212+ cooler. That usually improves CPU temps by 2-3ºC for only a few dollars spent.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking about that. I cannot seem to find a Blademaster 120 and I don't think the stock front fan I pulled off of the haf 912 will be good enough for the other side.
  6. Found a blademaster, going to throw that on. My concern now is negative air flow. I have a 200mm for the front an a 140mm for the side. My particular GPU does not exhaust directly out of the case, my PSU does, but only when it's on. From what I understand, my psu stays off @ low power consumption. So on idle, I will be on positive pressure, load will be negative pressure. I cannot see how I can get more positive pressure without replacing the front 200mm. I was trying to stay away from having (2) 120mm's up front.
  7. Don't worry about the PSU fan in regards to case pressure. It will draw in only enough air for itself from the bottom, and then exhaust that same air out the back. It isn't really powerful enough to affect anything else.
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