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hi guys, i was just wondering what cases you can get for £140 or under with a 90 degree rotation of the mobo tray , i love the idea of cables at the top, hate the look of my current one, help :) i would preferably like it to be full tower, but mud tower would be just as good :)
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  1. Antec 300/900/1200 series

    Coolermaster 690-series and HAF series
  2. 90 degree rotation of mobo
  3. The only ones I know of offhand (and I haven't checked the prices in pounds) are the Raven RV-01 and the Raven RV-02.
  4. hmm, ill check them out, any more??
  5. would it be better to just go for the lanboy air, or is the rv01 just as good?
  6. I haven't used either of them myself, so I don't know. :) I would recommend reading reviews of each case online.
  7. is there a thread for the best case for around that money, i dont mean for looks, i mean for performance :)
  8. I don't think so. You can always start one. There isn't any sort of stigma attached to starting (reasonable) new threads in this forum.
  9. :D hehe lol
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