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MSI Cyclone SLI setup using EVGA SLI 16x16x8 mobo

I have ordered almost everything I need to build my new setup. I7 950, EVGA X58 SLI, 3x2gb Hyper X, etc.
I already own one MSI Cyclone 460 1GB that is currently installed in my existing computer. I ordered a GTX 240 to to replace the 460 in my current computer which I plan on selling. I was going to order the second Cyclone 460 today but I started to wonder if I should look at the Hawk edition instead. Of course if I switch to the Hawk then I would sell my Cyclone and buy two hawks. I imagine I would lose about 30-40 buck after Ebay/Paypal fees to do that.

Anyway the EVGA SLI mobo has two 16x slots and they are side by side. The third lower slot is only 8x. My question is should I install them both in the 16x slot or should I seperate them and install one in the 8x slot for better cooling? I don't plan on overclocking them since I can't imagine the need to at 1080p. I am using an Antec 902 case and I plan on installing a window fan which would blow directly on both 16x slots. That is if the fan will clear the Cyclone coolers which are higher than the reference 460 cooler.

So based on that should I bother selling my current Cyclone and get two Hawk editions or just order another Cyclone? Should I install them side by side in the 16x slots or seperate them and use 1 16x slot and 1 8x slot?
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  1. side by side in the 16x slot..ull get better FPS
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    Just order another Cyclone, why loose money for almost identical performance. Use the side by side slot the cooler on the cyclone can handle that easy.
  3. The Cyclone cooler isn't bad, in fact in some cases better than the HAWK. Unless you're an extreme OCer, Theres no point losing money for a HAWK.

    On the slots, side-by-side will be the best, though X8 wont much worse anyways.
    I wont get that window fan, the 460s are cool cards to begin with and you'll just disrupt the airflow.
  4. Thanks for the repsonse everyone. I am going to order another Cyclone and put them side by side in the 16x slots. I think the cyclone cooler is actually the best for a side by side SLI setup since the coolers are open which should allow better airflow.

    I will try it with and without a window fan to see what gives the lowest temps. I will also try it with the fan blowing in on the cards and also blowing out. I already have an extra 120mm so I mine as well try it.

    I played around overclocking my existing setup this weekend. I got to about 830mhz at stock voltage. Not too bad for stock voltage. I was going to try to increase the voltage but I didn't want to do that with doing some research first.

    Anyway, what I noticed while stress testing using Kombuster was that my system temps went up dramatically. I currently have a Sonata II case with one front 120mm and one rear 120mm fan. The rear fan I have on a fan controller. At the lowest setting for the rear fan my system temps hit 46c with my cpu only at 38c (E6600 at 3.2). The Cyclone hit as high as 68c which isn't bad. What I found interesting is that when I turned the rear fan to high, which is fairly loud, my system temps dropped to @40c and the Cyclone dropped to @60c. Needless to say good case airflow helps cool the Cyclone. I imagine the Antec 902 I am using in this build will be much better than the Sonata II in that regard.
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