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Has anyone removed the MSI 460gtx 1gb Cyclone cooler?

I was going to remove the Cyclone cooler to remove the stock thermal paste and use Arctic Silver 5 instead. I know it probably won't make much of a difference but since I have the AS5 hanging around I figured why not. I removed the 4 screws that hold the cooler in place but I couldn't get the cooler off. I didn't use much force because I was afraid of damaging the card.

Has anyone here tried to remove it? Is normal AS5 ok to use or should I be using something instead of thermal paste? I remember back in the day when VGA coolers where held on with some type of paste/glue not screws.
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    The trick is to twist the cooler once the screws are off then it should come off with no effort. When you removed the screws the only thing holding the cooler there was the stock compound.
  2. Thanks nforce4max! I assumed that was the case but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I was nervous that maybe MSI used a sealant/glue instead of normal thermal paste.
  3. That was much easier than I thought. Lol

    I removed the stock paste and installed AS5. The stock stuff was awfully thick. I cleaned it all off and spread a nice thin layer of AS5. I am going to run Kombuster for a half hour or so to help burn in the AS5. I imagine the AS5 won't make much of a difference but it sure can't hurt.
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