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ATI 5830/DTS-HD V.S. HT OMEGA CLARO. Goal? 192 24 over 8 channels.

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February 13, 2011 2:05:28 PM

Thank you so much for helping me look into this fun pursuit of resonating vibrations into my bones. You selfness nerds are truly beautiful people!

So heres the deal...I gots 29 gigs of FLACs. (84 albums by 94 artists, spanning 3 days, 3 hours and 41 seconds in time) sittin on two 1tb Western Digital Caviar BLACK (7k rpm) internal hard drives.

I dont really game (....Yet) and I dont really record music (...Yet)...At this point I am trying to focus on getting good sound reproduction for music.

I want to organize my playlists on Winamp and then feed the data to a mediocre (i paid about $150 back in like 2007) Phillip's HTS-3555 "Home Theater In a Box" with 5.1 proprietary speakers.

(heres the full technical details page on amazon link for the Phillips avs/5.1 proprietary speakers

I do have a few gigs of hi-resolution 24/96 FLACs and on that page it does list its digital to audio converter's resolution at 24b/192k...However I believe for 5.1 playback it uses Dolby Pro logic II which is probably re-sampled at lame consumer grade 16 bit 48k resolution. I have no idea really...But its the best speaker set up I'm gonna have for the next few years so I need to make do with it....Its possible that I may be able to get 24/192 in Stereo mode...Which I might learn to like...Who knows?

Before you read you have probably noticed that my equipment isnt quite up to snuff for my goal...So I just want you to know I am aware of that fact. What I want is to buy a audio card that will be "future proof" so I can transfer that card into new equipment I purchase down the line.

So I'm not interested in the cheapo Asus DS with the really poor reviews/driver support. I am more willing to spend $200 on a audiophile grade sound card like the Asus Essence, Ht Omega Claro or M Audio-Audiophile 192.

But lately theres been all this talk about Blu-Ray and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HDMA how it can losslessly transfer 8 channel 24/192 for the ultimate in resolution. I remember hearing about that Neil Young discography they put out on Blu-Ray and I was really impressed with presentation as an ideal way to introduce someone to an artist or for a long term fan to really dig deep and explore an artists discography.

So whats better? C-Media's Oxygen/CMI8788 found in the HT Omegas or should I just buy one of these new ATI Radeon's that can carry both video to my tv and audiophile grade audio all in one nifty HDMI plug?...Does it make sense to have separate cards for audio and video when apparently dts-hd/dolby truehd is even more awesome than SACD? Wouldnt it be more "Green" to have 1 card plugged into the motherboard for Audio and Video?

Also the Radeon 5830 is currently going for way less than the Essence and the Claro...Theres a few 24/96 options available that are cheaper than the Radeon like the Striker and the M Audio 24/96.

Ive also considered getting that weird lookin lil usb to coax spdif DAC by Nu-Force they gots on amazon at a fairly affordable rate. (Right at about the same price as the Radeon 5830 currently)...And imagine how hilarious it would be to whip out hi-res audio out of a netbook!!!

Truth is I don't currently have any 192/24 FLACs. Only 24/96 and below. I do plan on changing that quite a bit. (Its a bit of a fetish for me...please humor me on the 192k thing...I am very aware that the human ear cant detect any difference.)

I am willing to spend around $200USD for sound alone (I do need a graphics card as well). I am also willing to listen to another 6 months of garbage grade audio if it means some amazing new technology will change things, or if some modern day thing will become more in my price range.

I prefer to buy in person at stores that have cash-return policies like WorstBuy and Wallyworld. However I understand for the best deal I'll probably end up buying from The Egg or The Jungle.

Thanks again to anyone that actually read my entire post. You are the true gems of society.
February 15, 2011 7:16:28 PM

if u have a receiver that can decode at least the 8channels, at the 192khz 24bit format, as decoding the dolby trueHD and dts master. then the ati is a win here,

also keep in mind that the reciever should must have a better DAC then the HD omega, or else its kinda a draw.

the system u listed cannot decode the true hd and master. plus it does not have a HDMI 1,3 input. so....... mmmm

u may want to look into the ASUS HDAV 1.3 which can output decoded dolby and dts signals. if u get thsi card connect it to teh av reciever with analogue interconnects. this card will have a better DAC then the philips.