My pc sound "flickers" through my EVGA GTX 460 SC 768mb

After my pc has been on for around 5 mins, the sound will begin to "flicker" with distortion. I have the card running with HDMI into my VIZIO eco 1080P 32". I had this problem before and thought it was the card, so i returned it and got another. It worked fine for around 2 to 3 weeks and then the problem started occurring again. So i'm wondering if it's the graphics card or possibly my HDMI cable. Also, when I returned the first card, i didn't bring the HDMI adapter with me, so I still have the original one from the first card. This adapter is the one that connects to the GTX 460's mini HDMI port and converts it to a regular size HDMI port. I don't know if that's obvious, but whatever helps. I've been to EVGA's site and downloaded the latest drivers, which didn't help, and all of my internal hardware (except for my PSU, Hard Drive, and Disc drive) is brand spankin' new, so I know those aren't the problem. Any help on this would be much appreciated because this is getting very frustrating :fou: haha

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  1. VIZIO is more trouble than it has ever been worth and you can try messing with the cables again but you may have to look for gold plated connectors as I remember people having the same problem before.
  2. Alright, i'll look for those and see if it helps because the adapter i have isn't gold plated.
  3. They are like $25 but before you make any purchase research first to rule that out beyond that there isn't much that I can do to help. Ask around else ware as well and maybe you will find better answers than I can provide.
  4. Are you using the new Nvidia beta driver ? Sound over the hdmi is new territory.
    I went to evga's site and noticed they list the 258xx driver.
    D/L and try the new 260.
  5. Ok so I got gold plated connectors and downloaded the 260 driver and did some research, discovering that GTX 460s can have a DPC latency issue which can cause this sound distortion. I downloaded a program to monitor the latency and it never went above 400. I still have no idea what is causing this. Could it just be a faulty card? That's what i'm beginning to think.
  6. Anybody got any ideas?
  7. HardcoreGrady said:
    Anybody got any ideas?

    So I started a similar thread and got no answers either. Your problem is the first I have found anywhere online that is close to mine. It does take around 45 minutes to get the sound distortion. I am hoping you found a solution.

    BTW I have the same tv, does anyone think that could be the problem?
  8. Okay, so i finally figured out what the problem was a while back. I was using a Gigabyte UD3R mobo and the problem was with the bios and Win Vista. There was a conflict with my bios version, so i reluctantly updated it and problem solved! Hope this helps anyone with similar problems!
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