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Hello I just bought a new computer, and it has a Palit GTX460 inside. I heard that Palit clocks it at 800Mhz Core and 4000Mhz memory and that it was the best GTX460 available. I'm not at all experienced with OC'ing but there is a program called 'Vtune' that came preinstalled, and it allows me to set my clock rate etc... The problem is that instead of being 800Mhz the card is set at 700 in the Vtune and 1800 for the memory clock.
I don't know if it's meant to be like that initially, leaving me free to overclock it to 800Mhz, or if I bought some other version of the Palit card, but basically I tried changing the settings and putting it to 800Mhz core an 2000Mhz memory (dunno why it doesnt go to 4000Mhz like it says in the review btw). I then tested the card in Dawn of War (there is a tool which simulates a big battles with loads of explosions to test you FPS) and compared it to when it's set like it was initially. Instead of increasing the speed all it made it do is that my minimum frame rate dropped to 14FPS in one of the tests, while none-OC'd it was min ~25 everytime.
So firstly how come my card performs less when overclocked and how come it wasn't overclocked in the first place? And what can I do to fix it and how should I properly overclock it?

BTW - I couldn't get the clock to 800 in Vtune, only to 801Mhz cuz the slider goes up in 7's. Does this make any difference?
Also do I have to restart after changing the settings? Cuz somehow I get the feeling it didn't work.

Sorry for coming off as a noob but I'm not to knowledgable in hardware and overclocking etc... I only had 2 weeks to learn as much about it as I can before buying the computer.
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  1. Sounds like you have a Palit sonic GTX 460. The sonic has a 700MHz clock.

    The video card with the 800 MHz clock is the Palit sonic platinum GTX 460.

    make sure that you have a sonic and not a sonic platinum card (it sounds like you bought the computer already put together), because if you paid for a Palit sonic platinum card you were ripped off.

    If you paid for a Palit sonic card though, then the clock rate is the right one.
  2. OK thanks yeah thats the one I have. However does that mean I can overclock it to 800Mhz and it will work the same as a Platinum factory-OC'd or should I just keep it like it is. I just paid for a general GTX 460 so it doesn't matter much.
  3. DDR ram means Double Data Rate. therefore if you double your V-tune ram number u get the actual ram speed:) so if u want. personally i dont like Vtune- u can use MSI afterburner or Gigabytes video card one. altho i think gigabyte comes with graphics and cant be installed for free unless u pirate it.
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