Very cheap gaming build! Everything look okay?

Im ordering 4 parts tomorrow. Because im going to be re-using my GT 220, HDD, ODD, and case

Athlon II x3 445 @ 3.1ghz
2GB Kingston DDR3 @ 1333mhz RAM
Corsair 430 watt 80+ with 29A on a single 12v rail.
MSI 760G-E51 (mATX)

Palit GT 220 512mb DDR2
some random IDE dvd drive
some old black ATX case from 2003/2004

Im not missing anything am i?

main games im going to be playing: 1600x1200. No AA
WoW (on med-high. Not Ultra)
GTA IV (also on some medium settings)
Bad company 2 (on low-med. IRL friend playing on all med and 0 AA with a E5200 @ 2.5ghz and GT 220. Since i have 1 more core and ALL cores operating 600mhz faster would i get A LITTLE better framerates?)

Would this build work for the above?

Also how much would it hurt speed to have an 250gb IDE HDD on the SAME ribbon as a IDE DVD drive? versus the IDE DVD on a ribbon and 160gb SATA obviously on its own SATA cable.

I know the GT 220 is a huge bottleneck. Im going to get my friends old 9600 GT after Christmas (Hes getting a GTX 460)
Im currently playing on a Pentium 4 @ 2.93ghz and 1GB 266mhz RAM. So even though this is a very cheap build its kind of a big upgrade since i cant even play BC2 or GTA IV on a pentium 4.

I will do a very light 100mhz overclock on the CPU just to get it to the same speed as the Athlon II x3 flagship (450 model)
Will probably OC more after buying a good HSF later.

Thanks! (1st time builder, still know alot of computers)
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  1. Let us know what your budget is so we can put something together for you.
  2. My budget is only 200 euros and i live in finland. So i doubt you could help with that :D
    Theres only really 1 good component store here anyway...
  3. I'd try pushing for 4Gb of ram really, and see if you cant pick up a 5770 cheap at some point, but yes, you should get a few extra fps out of the new rig :)
  4. Im going to be using Windows XP and i dont really have many programs open. But yeah i will go for 4GB Later on! :)
  5. I doubt you could do better with the budget allowed so good luck. I personally wouldn't want to play anything at 1600x1200 with a GT220.

    Seeing as no one answered it I'll tackle the IDE question. In the "olden days" attaching any slower device to the IDE chain would cause both devices to work at the speed of the slower one. Pairing an ODD with a HDD was a big no no. Now days the controllers support independent drive timing so it doesn't matter. Your harddrive with transfer at ATA100/133 speeds, while your ODD will work at ATA/33. The only issue you'll have is when both want to transfer at the same time as IDE still only supports one device "talking" at a time. Move to SATA when you can.
  6. Actually after the Corsair 400CX series the succeeding 'builder' series is not 80+ certified so i would either look at Antec Earthwatts 380 - 430w series (or ECO 400) , Seasonic S12II 380-430 or since u in Europe BeQuiet
  7. Yes, but to get 80+ will cost. Not sure if budget allows. I can name many better parts then what he listed, but we are only dealing with 200 euros.
    "up to 80%"

    changing it to a cheaper 450 watt lc power psu. its also up to 80% effiency.
  9. save your money...
  10. Thanks! What a great idea.....
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