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Just got a Rosewill 'Destroyer' case, the hard disk cage comes with rubber grommets, here's the question: Do the screws go through the rubber grommets outside of the cage then into the hard disk, or do they stay where they are at, slide the hard disk in with the grommets in place, then the screws just screw through the recessed holes? The manual is in Engrish, not much help, Rosewill web site not much help either...
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  1. I don't have that case, but leaving the grommets on the outside wouldn't provide near as much anti-shock compared to against the drive.
  2. I have the same case, and I was confused about the same thing, but judging from the location of the screws on the HDD and the casing, it seems you have to leave the rubber grommets in place (where they were originally) and screw the HDD in without it. Not sure how much help it would be, but I'm guessing that it would provide some level of shock-relief. Hope this helps :p
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