Need help with wiping my SSD

Please help, I am having trouble wiping my SSD. I have an HDD and SSD, the HDD contains the OS (windows 7) and the SSD just contains some junk and an old OS. So I want to get rid of it all but I am having trouble understanding how to do it. I looked at several online websites and still having trouble. I was thinking of using Parted Magic, I am unsure if I will need another program. I would prefer to burn it to a CD.

Thank you, all help would be appreciated!


Also sorry, I will post the SSD model later this morning. It is 2:15AM here, time to hit the sack.
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  1. Ok thanks but how would I do it with burning a CD? Do I till need UNetBootin or any other program?
  2. You are welcome man. That's very simple, just visit the "parted magic" download page here: and you will find useful instructional links on this issue.

    Hope I have helped
  3. What is the brand and model of your ssd?

    Have you considered doing a simple secure erase?
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