GTX 460, and additional PhysiX card?

I have setup like this:
C2D E8400, 8GB ram, nF780 board
2x 8800 GTS 512, 1x 9500GT/256.
PSU is BeQuiet 1200W.
I use SLI on 8800s and PhysiX is set to run on 9500.

Now I plan to upgrade to 2x 460/1GB, and considering their DX11 capability, which I'm not familiar with yet, is there any sense in offloading physics calculation to 2 generations older video card? I'm asking performance-wise only.

PS. I know, I know... CPU is next to be upgraded.
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  1. Yes it makes sense,

    Your 8800 GTS would be fine as a primary PhysX card

    read this btw ;)
  2. So I'll give a shot. It has a meaning for me, as I'm going to buy different mobo, able to accomodate 3 cards. I'll post an update with benchmark results.
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