Broken heat spreader/sensor?

I've tried new thermal paste and a new heat sink with different thermal paste, the CPU(AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ AM2), still gets too hot and when running 3DMark06 it overheats and shuts down I'm thinking it's a broken heat spreader or sensor because the temps didn't really change much between changing the paste and the heat sink and I don't think the heat spreader is dirty cause I wiped all the previous paste off... so I don't know?
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  1. What are your idle temps?
    What temps are you getting to when running 3DMark?
    What cooler are you using, the stock one?
    What paste are you using?
    What settings do you have to get to 3.51GHz?
  2. It's not my current build in the sig it's not overclocked stock 2.3GHz. Idle: around 18C
    load 3DMark:65C/shutdown. Using aftermarket, before I was using the stock no difference in temps really. Using stock "high performance" paste on heatsink should be good enough at stock clocks and tried cooler master paste on stock sink before, applied twice to make sure I did it right still nothing...

    P.S. The temps fluctuate on different loads.
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