Sabertooth 990 FX lost Bios setting Upon Power disconnection


I but a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990 FX Motherboard few month ago to mount my new computer. Just finish putting all togather. But I realised that when aver I unplug the Power supply for mor than 5 mn, i will lost My bios settings and will be promted to hit F1 to enter Setup to recover Bioa settings. I Updated just the date on the bios setting and keeped all the rest as default but didn't change anything. I Updated the bios to 0705 version. Still no change.

Thank you for your help.
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  1. Looks like your motherboard battery is dead.
  2. How come it is a new motherboard. How can I test it?
  3. If you have a multimeter you can measure the voltage.
  4. Sounds like the board is POSTing into safe mode. Might be worth listing your parts...

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