ASUS ROG Matrix 5870 2GB OR EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked FTW?

Primary use: GAMING

ASUS Card:

EVGA Card:

NOTE: The winning card will be run on an EVGA X58 FTW3 motherboard with an I7 930 @ 3.2+GHz with 6GB of Ram...

Thanks in Advance~
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  1. Why not 2 GTX460s, performs better than either two and costs up to $100 less.
  2. Well, I would do that but I'm one of those people known as a "simmer" meaning I mainly play and make videos in a game called Flight Simulator X. This game can only use 1 video card. Otherwise I would have definantly bought 2 GTX 460's.
  3. Then I would suggest a "Normal" HD5870 or GTX470and do the OC yourself, depending on your case and PSU.
    (Like these:

    Either far better values than the Matrix or 480.
  4. hmm... so gtx 480 is out of the question but why the matrix? it's a 2gb card right?
    also i'm likeing the 470 you linked...
  5. 2GB is really a gimmick, unless you're running Eyefinity, you wont see any benefit.
  6. ok then, bye bye matrix. i know for a fact that the nvidia cards better handle tessilation and fsx is all about tessilation... so i might buy the 470 unless there's another reason why i should buy the 5870...
  7. What case and PSU do you have by the way? Do you ever plan to SLI the 470s?

    The 470s are really nice deals as of now, the 5870 is still viable however to some, due to eyefinity support, lower power consumption and some rare cases where airflow is poor.
  8. i have an NZXT Phantom (white edition) with an OCZ modxtreme 700w psu.
  9. well i dont actually own the case yet...but do have the psu.
  10. i may even get the thermaltake element v case.
  11. @juicycrapachino, Why do do you keep making posts every couple of minutes? Just put it all in one post please.
  12. The Phantom is a great case IMO, nice value also.

    Now, the GTX470 seems like your best choice, In addition to that Gigabyte, the Zotac AMP!, MSI and Galaxy is also buy-able:

    Out of the four, I'd recommend the Zotac, best cooker (A Zalman), down side is it takes 3 slots. If space is a issue, feel free to choose one out the the leftover 3.
  13. The reference 470s run hot and loud, the palit dual fan not much better.

    For a ~$300-ish choice, the Galaxy mentioned above a a decent compromise, slightly worse cooler than the $350 ones (Still better than reference), and slightly louder for $35 less.
  14. The card witch @Timop recomended above is good if you plan to overclock ( ). It overclocks really well and runs cool. But it is a little more expensive then the reference card. The advantage over the zotac model it is the 2 slots design , but might be slightly longer.

    If you only want 1 card, you might want to be able to overclock as well, no?
  15. Well keep the MSI one out because those coolers bend the card and i don't like the overall design... as for the galaxy card, it looks like it would be acceptable but will it keep cool? I would really like to buy the AMP! edition but it's an extra $30-$50, and i need that for RAM....

    UPDATE: Probably going to go towards the Galaxy card for a couble of reasons.

    1. The 2 power supply connectors are on the side of the card and not the top, this will make it easier not to twist and tangle the 2 cords and make for better cable management.

    2. The removable fan makes it easier to clean dust and keep it cool. Plus the aftermarket cooler makes it non-reference design while being able to still keep under low temps.

    3. The overall design looks like this thing could survive a nuclear bomb, also not to mention my PCI-e 2.0 slots on my mobo are grey so this could look fairly nice in terms of my general color layout.

    QUESTION: With the EVGA X58 FTW3 Motherboard, Intel I7 930, and Galaxy GTX 470, also with a OCZ Modxtreme 700w psu, should i buy the black edition NZXT Phantom or the White edition? In terms of colors...

    Thanks for the help.
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