ATI Radeon 4350 vs radeon 4670?

I currently have the radeon 4350 and I am wondering if the 4670 will make a significant difference in gaming. I have been playing fallout 3 and I'm not too happy with the performance. I haven't checked the fps but it runs kind of slow on high settings and the pipboy textures dont look detailed at all even on high settings(The text under the buttons is unreadable). I also want to be able to run fallout new vegas pretty good when it is released.

Forgot to mention other system specs:

3 gb ram

pentium dual core E5300 2.60 ghz

windows vista 32 bit

1280 by 1024 resolution
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  1. I added my specs so do you think most games would perform decently on my setup?
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    yes, your system is good enough to play any games with decent setting, not with HIGHEST but good enough to handle most of games...
    Get that HD4670, or if you can save a little bit you can get HD5670.
  3. The 4670 is a fine choice, more than double the performance compared to the 4350.
    Though if your PSU supports it, a HD4850 will max out almost every game for ~$90.
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