3com 3CR858-91 OfficeConnect requiring frequent reboots

I realized many my machine would randomly lose internet connectivity. At first I thought it was my ISP, but after multiple calls to them they suggested I bypass the router as a test. The issue was immediately resolved. After that I noticed that if take out the power cord and plug it back in (restart) the issue is immediately resolved.

BTW I have noticed that it mostly happends with big downloads, it's like it has a limit on the amount of data I can transfer in a row.

Can anyone please help? Thank you.
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  1. Make sure its not overheating for one.
    Check and see if their is a firmware update for the router.
    Try another router and see how things work.
  2. Thanks man! It was overheating.
    Never thought a router that simple could overheat.
  3. Hello,

    I have the same problem but my router isn't even noticeably warm to the touch. I updated the firmware from V1.08 to v1.15 and it did not make a difference.

    Just to be sure the temperature is staying at a reasonable temperature, I taped a thermometer to the bottom of the router. It's hovering at about 75 degrees F, just about 6 degrees above my living-room temperature. Certainly not overheating.

    Since the device was under warranty, I got a replacement unit from 3COM and the same thing happens with the replacement. I replied to their warranty department to tell them the replacement has the same problem and have yet to hear back.

    Very frustrating.

    I have a netgear wireless router also and I swapped that out for about 24 hours with no problems in connectivity whatsoever. I would continue using the netgear if it had more granular firewall controls, but I need to use the virtual server options so my Windows Home Server and Wireless Webcam are abailable from the web.

    Any additional suggestions are certainly welcome. I am not using a switch, all of my computers are connected directly to the router.


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