Will these work with my current components?

I have an eMachines ET1331G-07W and i am looking to upgrade the video card and processor. I am worried that they may not be compatible with the motherboard, slots, power supply, and those sorts of things. This is the processor i was looking at:

and the video card:

Thankyou for the help.
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  1. you already have an x2 processor in ur pc, and ull have to change ur powersupply for that graphic card,

    whats ur budget for a new powersupply? thanks
  2. and no it wont be compatible ur motherboard only supports models 65watts and under supposely, and the second link seems to be broken :!
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    65 Watt max CPU the Phenom will not work the Athlon II x2 250 is the best that can be used in that motherboard EMachines are not really upgradeable at all when it comes to the CPU.

    As for the 5770 will work but you will need a new power supply the one that comes with the EMachine is complete garbage and you are lucky if the original; supply still even works. You will need to get a good quality 400watt unit or better. Perferably from a brand like Antec, Corsair, SeaSonic to name a few of the best.
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