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ATI Radeon HD 4670 Problem

I have an AsRock p4i65g with a HIS Radeon HD 4670 AGP 1GB DDR3 graphics card. The card is working perfectly, as I tested it on another computer. After reinstalling windows, and entering the boot screen, after a while, there was a blue screen. I removed the HD 4670 and used the ingrated graphics to start windows. Then I installed all the drivers avaliable on the AMD and HIS website, including the hotfix thingy. After doing so, i could not find Catalyst Control Center. Also, the HD 4670 agp only boots in safe mode. I think its a driver problem, but i don't know how to fix it.
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  1. Did u get the latest catalyst control drivers?
  2. maple_nub said:
    Did u get the latest catalyst control drivers?

    yeah i installed the latest drivers. but somehow i think that there is something wrong with the drivers. Should I use the drivers from HIS or AMD? and Does the graphics card have to be inserted to install the drivers?
  3. The graphic card has to be inserted in order to install the drivers.
    And install the latest drivers from AMD's site,because manufactures may not update their sites as fast as AMD.
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    There are some serious issues with ATI's drivers. Anyways, about a week ago I had trouble with the drivers just like yours in few of my posts here. So I maybe of help.

    Originally Posted by Chythar
    This is an old thread, but it's one of the top search results for "ccc won't run" so I wanted to post another possible solution here. My solution was to clear out the Windows GAC (Global Assembly Cache). In Windows 7, you can browse directly to "C:\Windows\assembly". Sort by "Public Key Token", then delete everything with the Token "90ba9c70f846762e" (ATI's key). You'll obviously need Administrator privileges. No reboot needed either. Reinstalled CCC and it ran perfectly!

    The GAC lets you share DLL's that are the same version number. If it's in the GAC, any installer will NOT install a new DLL - it'll use the one in the GAC. If the GAC DLL is corrupted, you're majorly SOL.

    When I reinstalled the CCC, it took longer to install then it had before. Presumably, this was due to the installer copying all the correct DLL's to my hard drive. And no ATI DLL's have made it back into my GAC.

    To give credit to the original poster, here's the page I found this fix on:

    I followed this solution to opening CCC. I beg your pardon Maziar , but I had to take out my card to have a successful install of the 10.9 drivers(and older drivers also).

    My fix :

    Install the drivers with card taken out(or in if you wish) , then shutdown PC.

    Put in your Card. Then do the solution that I quoted.

    I think the steps could be switched around... but thats the best way I could remember to opening CCC.
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