WD 80gb sata hard disk failure

I am in big trouble,I have western digital 80gb sata hard disk.
When I start my computer I am getting hard disk drive failure and then I went to in bios
then I saw that WDC ROM MODEL UNICORN and 6.2gb.

I am totally confused it is a 80gb sata hard disk.
Please help some body.what to do....
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  1. The hard drive is no longer usable. It will have to be removed, thrown away, and a new one installed.
  2. The drive is identifying itself with its factory alias (UNICORN). AIUI this indicates an internal fault, possibly a damaged firmware module.
  3. So,how to repair firmware?
  4. You would need commercial tools such as WDR-UDMA or WD's Trex proprietary factory tool. Then you would need to find a compatible firmware module.
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