Will the q9505 work with 750i sli board

Hello,I have an nforce xfx 750i sli motherboard, will the core 2 quad q9505 work
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  1. yes that processor will with work with ur current motherboard ;) cheers
  2. hey thanks I did install it, everything went well till I tried to boot into the bios then the screen went black lol I put my old core 2 dual back in and everything went well'
    I think I have to update the bios thanks for your response
  3. he said it in his post before, xfx is the manufacturer :), and i second that, upgrading the bios can make shur u can rule out incompatability with older bios, anyways tell us if u know how to flash a bios and if uve done it before, than we can help u further :)
  4. Yes, it works, I have this exact combination, overclocked to 3188 MHz.
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