What cpu would help gaming on my system?

i was wondering what kind of cpu could improve gaming on my system. The specs are:

Intel core 2 Duo e6850 3.0ghz
EVGA Geforce GTX 460 SC
Windows 7 64 bit
4 Gb Ram
EVGA nforce 750i sli socket 775 mobo
850w power supply

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  1. You should be able to go with any LGA775 CPU. maybe Q9550 http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/50?vs=59
  2. Quote:
    Oc that cpu to 3.4Ghz.
    What resolutions do you play at?

    1440x900 , but my mobo wont let me overclock even a little :(
  3. Quote:
    No wonder your cpu is pulling heavy. Up your resolution to 1080p

    what do you mean?
  4. Your motherboard should allow you to overclock it is more likely that your ram is limiting you. Follow a good guide, they will show you how to adjust ram to let the CPU stretch its legs. (there is a guide in the overclocking section)
  5. thanks dadiggle and rolli59..ill give it a try
  6. it depends the quadcore suggested here overclocked can equal the e8500 overclocked performance, so it depends are u gonna do some multitasking as well than the q9950 is recommanded, but if ur just gaming overclock ur cpu , but id invest in a cooler such as a , coolermaster hyper212+ for under 32$ , so u can overclock that chip good and keep it cool :), dont forget to have one fan in the front and one in the back, intake and one outake :), and whynot 1 blowing air on the cpu as well :)
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