Seemingly frozen on boot

So I bought a new motherboard for my computer, a Foxconn M61PMV.

After transferring everything over, it boots, but BARELY. It sits at the initial FOXCONN logo for at least 3 minutes, then takes another 10 minutes to slowly work its way to a OS boot, literally taking anywhere from 15-45 minutes... May eventually boot into windows, I have a hard time waiting that long...

What could this be? Memory timings? Bad motherboard? I've heard that improper memory timings could cause this but I'm not sure if it is the same symptoms.

When I am in the CMOS setup, going frommenu to menu is incredibly slow as well, taking up to 5 seconds for each movement of the menu. It displays the characters like a typewriter, one character at a time...

Any ideas? Any other information you need from me?

Please help!!!
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  1. I just figured out that if I unplug the USB connections from the motherboard it works? Iiinteresting...
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