Windows 7 install cant find my HDD

In the past week I had received a blue screen that crashed my laptop. After that, my computer would not boot. It would just start in windows 7 repair. I tried to put in my windows 7 disk to try and format the drive (WD Caviar Blue 160gig) and reinstall windows 7 on the hdd, but it wouldn't see the drive. On top of that, just getting to the install took all night.

After that, I plugged the hdd into another pc and deleted the two partitions I created (Local Disk, RAM) That was not very responsive but I got the drive formatted and made a fresh NTFS partition on the drive. I then put the drive back into my laptop and tried to install windows 7 on the fresh partition. In the install I deleted the partition and made a new partition for good measures. Windows started to install on the drive, but than failed... Any time I try to install windows on the drive, it ether wont see the drive or it cant be installed on the drive because of "Driver Issues"

I know the problem isnt the MOBO because I did a fresh install of windows 7 on a 20gig Samsung drive just fine. And FYI, this isnt the first time I reinstalled windows on my WD drive.

Any help would be great! If anything doesn't make sense, just ask. Thanks :)
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  1. That means the HDD (WD Caviar Blue 160gig) is death. You can run the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows from WD to test the drive.
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