Ati Radeon 5970 CrossFireX

Would it be needed on a 19 inch monitor with DVI and VGA input only? And what monitor size would using crossfirex be suitable for?
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  1. CrossFireX Dual HD5970 on single 19" monitor? That's waste of money...
    Dual HD5970 are great to handle 3 or 6 HD monitors on eyefinity. For a single 19" monitor, one HD5970 is MORE than enough. :)
  2. thanks
  3. well i can barley get 30 fps out of the card with duo 5970's and crossfire x... :)

    jk, but you wont even need a 5970...
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't suggest anything more than a single 6970. Even that's a little much depending on your resolution.
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