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Where would be the best place to buy quality stranded hock-up wires in spools? I've check my local Fry's but they don't have enough selection. I'm looking to do some custom wiring in my system for my fans which I need different gauges and colors. I thought my best option would be getting it online but I haven't gotten any luck to where they are in good selections. Thanks in advance and any help would be appreciated.

I'm also looking for a place to get the connectors and pins for the fan wires and also molex connectors? The best place I've looked that is which has a lot of selections for the connectors and pins at a great price. I would have gotten everything from them expect that they don't have much of a selection for the wires and for a 4-pin PWM Male Shielded Fan Connector that they don't carry. The 4-pin PWM connector looks like this 3-pin Male Shielded Fan Connector. If you guys know where I can find some, let me know.
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  2. Thanks for the reply. I tried the site but unless I'm missing it, I didn't see any hook-up wire...
  3. Lowes, or Home Depot would be where I would check first for the wire. They usualy have a big selection of stuff in different colors and sizes. Maybe check Radio Shack. For the connectors, FrozenCPU, DangerDen, and
  4. Sorry for the lat reply. I've checked both those places and their wires are for home use with not much of a selection in the lower gauges. Plus the wire contain the minimal strands in all the gauges to make it slightly flexible. Radio Shack was a step down from Fry's... Since then I've found what I'm looking for by accident. If anyone is interested, here are the sites I've found:

    These site also provide other electronics components you may need.
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