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External Drive detected, BUT wont open on PC

March 2, 2013 3:23:59 PM

OK, ill try to explain this step by step what I did and how I got to this problem.

My External drive obtained a USB virus that everytime I plug it in any device, it will make a shortcut which is an .Ink file. So far, that did not cause too much problems, yes it infected my computer but I can still use the External Drive properly. After that, I wanted to reformatt it, so i copied everything that was in it to my harddrive. Doing that manual back up, I reformatted the drive by going to My Computer right click and formatting it there.

Once I finished doing that I went off to work and plugged it in a MAC. Transferred very important files there worth around 20-25GB. Then when i got back home my PC detected it as Local Disk H. Now, knowing my pc had the virus, i tried other USB's but it all worked, although it did the .Ink thing again, but still they were useable. Anyway, Im wondering why the MAC was able to open it by my PC cant? Im a really frustrated and worried right now. I tried downloading a Driver but still it didn't work - while the External Drive was connected. It detects it, but it wont open it. Everytime i Plug it in, my PC recommend to reformat it.

My solutions are.

Reformat, then use a recovery tool to get all my files - but will it get all of it?

Pls help. Thank you.