2TB hard drive and 500gb HDD can i raid1 500gb n use the rest

ok i got a 2TB HDD and a 500GB HDD was wondering if i could raid1 just 500gb and have the rest as a second storage it just would not be in raid? could i do somthin like this
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  1. You can but end up you only have the 500GB space because the raid vol. is depend on the smaller HDD you raid. So either get other 500GB raid for the 500GB, or just use the 500gb for 2nd storage.
  2. i cant make a partition and raid a 500gb partition
  3. dosnt the intel raid controller allow you to set size and part will be raided te other part will show up as non-raid disk or use the intel raid manager? hmm that prolly would'nt work either or will it
  4. It don't work like this way. When you set the two 500GB partion from the 1TB one in disk management, but the intel raid controller will still see it is the whole 1TB HD.
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