Repairing a laptop, almost powers on but doesnt display anything :(

Let me start by saying thanks for even looking at this and giving it any thought. Any guidance provided will be greatly appreciated!

I have an ASUS Laptop Model: U52F-BBL5 and after replacing the power jack internally and breaking a few connections along the way I am a little unsure as to where I even stand with this system and could use some guidance. Here's the story:

A laptop's power jack is abused with "thigh pressure" by its unassuming owner and I take on the job to replace the power jack (I have done a few before but I am still green in the game). After opening the laptop I tried to disconnect one of the cables near the power jack to clear as much out of the way as possible when it happened.. the little connector socket for this wiring harness just CRUMBLED apart. Crumbled is the only word for it but maybe I say that because I want to feel less responsible for it breaking myself. It turned out to be the cable for the webcam and microphone assembly above the monitor. Not the end of the world but a tediously elusive part to try and track down, its so elusive that I still haven't found it yet (short of sending the laptop in to asus).

It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the webcam/mic but there are small remnants of the wiring harness clip still in that socket on the motherboard and I fear that its causing problems for it somehow.

I also went on to break the connection for the keyboard after a misunderstanding I had with the zif connector there..

Now the laptop has a completely new power jack assembly internally and when I try to power it on it seems to almost come to life: the fans start spinning and there are lights on that indicate the computer is getting power from the power jack. It seems to fall short of displaying anything on the screen and obviously this is a problem. If I hold down the power button for a few seconds it shuts off as it should but not much else seems to be working properly. I feel like this laptop has not seen its last day since its fairly new but maybe I am wrong.

Can anyone help me complete this laptop's coming to life cycle? Thanks again for reading this and your guidance is appreciated!

Newb in need, -Nate
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  1. Can you hear the hard drive crunching as if it were loading windows? If so hook an external display to the laptop and use the function key to switch to the external display and verify the rest of the laptop is working good.
  2. Thats a good idea, I'll give that a try and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the idea!
  3. I tried to attach it the way you said but unfortunately that didn't work, I know the crunching sound you are referring to but I am not hearing it :(

    Any other ideas I could try?
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